Computer science, math and data science for English speaking students

23.10. 2022 0:00
Předmět: informatika, matematika, programování, statistika,
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Okres: Celá ČR, Celá Praha, Brno-město, Praha 1, Praha 10, Praha 2, Praha 3,

Hi, my name is Rob. I offer tutoring in Prague or online. I can help you almost anything you ask for. I do practical IT stuff like programming (c#, java, python, pascal, ruby, matlab, scilab, c++, c, php,, databases (sql, oracle, mysql, MS sql), subjects from FIT CTU(ČVUT). I can teach you how to use software that everybody should know like git, command line, linux, bash and how to virtualize, emulate, compile or cross compile software that you want to run on your favorite platform. More over I am interested in theoretical computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning. Do you need to process data in your work or thesis? I offer consultations even for post graduate students and for anyone. I can help you with math, statistics, data analysis and data processing to test your hyphoteses. I can teach you advanced math, mathematical analysis, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, operational research or help you to apply it to your data.....

Cena: 25EUR per hour


Jméno: Mgr. Robert Brunetto, E-mail:, Phone: 736244880
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