Learn Czech with me!

12.2. 2019 16:40
Předmět: čeština pro cizince,
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Okres: Celá ČR,

In case that you are interested in studying Czech or want to deepen your knowledge, I will do my best to let you understand how Czech works so that you will be able to speak, read and so on without ages of memorizing grammar charts by yourself. I speak fluently English so that I can explain everything in English and then we can start speaking Czech right away! I can also provide you lots of materials for better understanding and practise. In all aspects I will do my best to meet your wishes and needs. For more info click here: https://www.verbling.com/ti/76028196688870888396

Cena: 320 Kč/45 min


Jméno: Lucie Onari
Web: www.verbling.com/ti/76028196688870888396
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